Educating Elmore campaign
The Amazing World of Gumball was one of Cartoon Network's top-rated shows. During the promotion of a new season, we ran a campaign that would allow for a rich, immersive, game-like experience.

My role - Senior Digital Producer,  We Love Digital - Digital Agency, Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe- Creative Direction.

Results: 1x Gold at W3 AWARDS, 1mm+ unique users, 2.5mm game plays.
CN Academy was an annual 360 campaign that ran for three years, where kids across Europe were given the opportunity to win a training session with a world class footballer.

I was responsible for the original concept, talent negotiation in the first year (Robin van Persie), and principally the digital hub - where Cartoon Network fans could play games, watch skill videos and win prizes.  We also took the opportunity in the first year to coincide it with the launch of Cartoon Network’s hugely popular Facebook pages.

My role - Senior Digital Producer, Threei - Digital Agency, Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe- Creative Direction.

Results: 2mm unique users, 5mm game plays, 3.5k competition entries, press included CNN, Daily Mail, MSN and various large publications and TV shows in Europe.
Adventure Time "Polaroid Producer" 
...was the internal name, sadly we couldn’t use ‘Polaroid’ due to licensing concerns, but we sure as hell rode the selfie wave that was taking the world by storm back in 2013. Adventure Time Photo BOooth (a play on the mythical Land of Ooo, where the show is set) was a digital (social media focused) and TV campaign to help the launch the new series of the award winning show.

My role: Senior Digital Producer, Hypermedia - Digital Agency , Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe- Creative Direction.

Results: 1mm+ unique users, 2.5mm photos generated. The only European website to be utilised by .com in US HQ.

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